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WATCH: It's only chef Clodagh McKenna rapping to Salt-N-Peppa's 'Push It'

Celebrity chef Clodagh McKenna has been harbouring a secret, unexpected talent - she can rap!

Clodagh, best known for creating culinary delights on TV shows including TV3's Ireland Am and the Rachael Ray show in the US, popped in to Breakfast Republic on 2FM this morning for a chat with Bernard, Jennifer, and Keith.

She revealed she has always loved R&B and rap ever since she was a child and idolised her older brother who was a massive fan too.

Then she took to the mic to tackle Salt-N-Peppa's 'Push It' and we reckon she gets extra points, if points are being doled out, for enthusiasm!

Watch Clodagh's take above, and here's the original:

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