Sunday 26 January 2020

'They succeeded in making me feel really sh*t about myself' - DJ Niall Boylan says he was 'bullied' by other radio stars at PPI Awards

4fm's Niall Boylan
4fm's Niall Boylan
4fm's Niall Boylan

Sasha Brady

Popular DJ Niall Boylan has claimed he was "bullied" by a fellow DJ at the PPI Radio Awards in Kilkenny on Friday night.

The 4fm radio presenter reported that a number of prominent radio stars teased him about his hair at the awards show which took place at the Lyrath Estate Hotel in Kilkenny.

Boylan claimed that at one stage during the night, DJs were tugging at the back of his hair and laughing at him.

He posted a lengthy Facebook post on Saturday which detailed his experience. The Classic Hits broadcaster said that he developed alopeica as a child as a result of being bullied in school. The condition had caused his hair to fall out but it grew back again in his twenties, before falling out again. As a result, he underwent replacement therapy in his thirties.

4fm's Niall Boylan
4fm's Niall Boylan

Boylan said the results of the treatment aren't "perfect" but being the subject of ridicule on Friday night was uncalled for.

"I ignored it briefly and it continued... I turned and I said "it doesn't come off lads". They were laughing and thought the fact they upset me was hilarious. I put my arm around the ring leader and whispered in his ear "I spent years of my life dealing with people like you".

Boylan said that he tried to ignore the comments but the comments that the other DJs had made upset him too much and forced him to revisit the traumatic memories of what he had experienced in school.

"I walked away from the situation immediately and for some reason all the memories of how I felt as a child being called names came back to me.

"To those reading this, you might think this is nothing and I should ignore it but when you have been through this in your life, these silly moments become monumental."

The 4fm DJ said that the unnamed men’s behaviour shattered his confidence.

He said: “Underneath it all I am human and there are those moments in your life where you expect a little more from people you consider intelligent adults.

“I don’t hate or despise the individuals for their really childish fun but I just wanted them to know why it makes me feel the way it does.

“As maybe they think their moment of entertainment was acceptable or had zero effect. Sadly they succeeded in making me feel really sh*t about myself and how I might have looked.”

He took to Facebook later to say that the DJs in question had reached out to apologise to him for their behaviour on Friday night.

Boylan told that he's not a sensitive person and is "used to criticism" but he decided to go public with his experience in an effort to show people how hurtful words can be.

"I'm not going to hold a grudge against the person who made the comments. I do think he just got caught up in the moment but it did trigger some bad memories from me and I was really hurt at the time."

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