Wednesday 16 October 2019

'They didn't suit you' - Are these the best (wrong) answers given on Larry Gogan's 'Just a Minute' quiz?

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Today RTÉ announced 2FM stalwart, Larry Gogan will be leaving the station after 40 years and will now present on RTÉ's digital station, RTÉ Gold.

And in homage to the legend of Irish broadcasting and his famous Just a Minute quiz, here are just some of the best answers that have been broadcast on his show down the years

Larry: Name something a blind man might use...

Contestant: A Sword


Larry: Name the capital of France...

Contestant: F


Larry: Name a bird with a long neck...

Contestant: Naomi Campbell


Larry:  Name an occupation where you might need a torch...

Contestant: A burglar


Larry: Name something that flies that doesn't have an engine...

Contestant: A bicycle with wings


Larry: Where is the Taj Mahal?

Contestant: Opposite the Dental Hospital


Larry: What was Hitlers first name?

Contestant: Heil


Larry: Complete the saying "As happy as...

Contestant: Emmm...

Larry: Think of me...

Contestant: A pig in sh*t


Larry: Can you name a  dangerous race?

The Arabs


Larry: The name of a famous bridge....

The Bridge Over Troubled Waters


Larry: Something people might be allergic to?



Larry: What star do travellers follow?

Joe Dolan

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