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The Anton Savage Show review - 'Sex, science, Hollywood and rock ‘n’ roll – all the best things in life, right here in episode one'

Anton got the name wrong. Just the once, mind. Savage Sunday? A thing of the past, unfortunately (sniffle). This was Savage Monday. Tomorrow will be Savage Tuesday. The next day…well, you get the picture.

Yes, indeed, as of 9am this morning, The Anton Savage Show went live, officially replacing The Ray D’Arcy Show (RIP). And we’ve been here before. Whenever D’Arcy went on his holliers, to be precise. So, you know, business as usual, only D’Arcy ain’t coming back with a tan this time. He ain’t coming back at all (g’luck in Montrose, buddy). No worries. We’re in capable hands, and as a suited-and-booted Anton (thank you for the pictures, Twitter) sealed the deal on an effortless leap from reliable stand-in to permanent weekday fixture, there was only one thing we could think of: sex. And, later, extinction. 

See, the results of a new survey on “Ireland’s Thirty Somethings” conducted by the B&A, in conjunction with Today FM and Independent News & Media, were released this morning, telling us everything we need to know about, erm, Ireland’s Thirty Somethings. Particularly, their sexual habits. An impressive 54% of those surveyed said they do it every week, while 5% boasted that it was more of a daily thing. Anton was stunned (that makes two of us, dude). It could be that we’re talking one-night stands here. Anton reckons this would prove exhausting (it would). He also questioned whether those surveyed might have been referring to “happy alone time”.  Now. How about that for a first-day turn-of-phrase? Happy. Alone. Time. We’ll just let that one hang in the air for a second. 

The point is, these surveys can’t be trusted because (shock and horror) people tell porkies. Gosh, lying to surveyors - what next, an asteroid hitting earth? Well, yes, actually. In fact, one is currently screaming towards us as we speak. So, Anton spoke to Dave Grennan at Raheny Observatory about the chances of it colliding with the earth. Thankfully, Grennan was fairly certain we’d be fine. It’s only 1,500 feet wide, and is due to come within 750,000 miles of our atmosphere, but hey, even if we are due another super dinosaur killer rock any day now, this one probably isn’t it. We’re all FAIRLY CERTAIN of that. Oh, and the space scientist people haven’t yet come up with a name for asteroid 2004BL86. Might I suggest ‘Anton’, for the day that’s in it? That way, if it does collide with earth, then Anton (the radio man) might yet find some poetic justice in Anton (the rock) wrecking the place on the morning his car gets clamped.

Yep, Anton got a text halfway through his first show to say there had been a big dirty yellow lock applied to one of his wheels. Tough break. Still, his next job was interviewing Hollywood actor and all-round good egg Kevin Spacey, who rang in to discuss boilers, theatre work and House of Cards. You gotta take the good with the bad, I suppose. 

We got a hell of a line out of Kevin, too, when sharing some details on season three of HOC. “There will be scenes, and there will be dialogue and there will be stuff that happens. I hope you enjoy it”. Well played, Mr Underwood. Elsewhere, we had the Edge’s first guitar played on the radio for the first time. Busy show, then.

And how did the new kid on the block do? Well, he’s hardly the new kid, but things went rather well, Anton: The Smart Interviewer applying a great deal of wit and intellect to all areas, even when trying not to worry about the end of the world. He didn’t gush at the feet of Spacey. He was sharp, not cynical. He posed with a picture of the Edge’s guitar (thanks again, Twitter). A hugely likeable broadcaster, he and his team made us forget all about Ray, basically. Sex, science, Hollywood and rock ‘n’ roll – all the best things in life, right here in episode one. Let’s hope a giant space rock doesn’t ruin plans for day two. 

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