Sunday 26 January 2020

'That is my ring' - Ray D'Arcy caller reunited with gold wedding band a year after he lost it at Croke Park

Ray D'Arcy
Ray D'Arcy
Croke Park

Tomás Heneghan

GAA rivalries were set aside on live radio this week to help reunite a man with his lost wedding ring.

A Dublin woman contacted RTÉ’s Ray D’Arcy Show on Thursday to try to find the owner of a wedding ring which her husband found last summer in Croke Park.

Frances Dunne from Coolock, Dublin told the show: “It’s not 100 percent [when we found it], we think it was the All-Ireland final. It was definitely the Dubs playing, because he goes to all the Dubs matches.

“It was in the Hogan Stand between two seats he happened to spot it and brought it home and ever since, every so often we pick it up and say ‘We have to try and find out who owns this ring.’”

The ring carried the inscription ‘Ethne Kevin 28-12’, however Frances had only just noticed on Thursday that a year as well as a day and month was inscribed on the inside of the band.

“I only spotted today that I think we have a ‘74, it’s just that the stamp on the ring is covering the year, but we think it’s a ’74,” she explained.

She added: “This is a gold band. Definitely a man’s. It looks like a man’s gold band.”

Frances told the show she had contacted both Croke Park and Joe Duffy’s show to try to find the owner.

Today on RTE's Ray D’Arcy, a man called Kevin revealed himself as the owner of the ring.

He said the inscription on the ring should have read ‘28-12-71’.

He explained: “That is my ring. Lost in Croke Park on a very bad day for Kerry men. The All Ireland senior football final of last year and I was in the low deck of the Hogan Stand.”

Kevin said he had worn the ring for forty-four years and was “really disappointed” and “annoyed” when he lost it last year.

He explained: “I didn’t miss it until Tuesday morning. I was at home here, after shaving I was washing my hands and the next thing I discovered no ring on the finger. I got on to my son and I told him the story.”

Kevin’s son had taken a photo of him and the group he was with last year as they made their way to Croke Park for the match.

When Kevin’s son checked the photo after his father had told him about the lost ring he found that Kevin was wearing the ring on the way into the stadium.

“It was absolutely pouring and I was outside the cover of the stands and the rain was milling down on top of me all evening,” Kevin explained.

“Kerry men are always excited on All Ireland day, so I suppose I was fiddling around with my ring and my fingers were wet and it just slipped off my hand.”

Kevin thanked Frances and Thomas for keeping the ring safe.

Frances explained that Thomas would be going to the All-Ireland again this August after Kevin revealed his plans to attend the match.

Initially, the pair agreed to meet on the All-Ireland Football Semi Final between Dublin and Kerry. Later, they decided to make contact following the show to discuss the return of the wedding ring.

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