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Taxi driver reunites woman with teddy bear memento of her stillborn son after hearing her appeal on RTE's 'Liveline'


Joe Duffy

Joe Duffy

Joe Duffy

A grieving mum has been reunited with a special teddy bear memento of her stillborn son after making an appeal on RTE Radio One's 'Liveline' programme yesterday.

Speaking on the programme today, broadcaster Joe Duffy told listeners a taxi driver got in touch with the programme yesterday, just a minute after it came off air.

Marie and her friends left their bags in the boot of the taxi driver's car on Monday.

The driver heard mum Marie Melody make a special appeal for the return of a special teddy bear she had left in the car after she completed Dublin's mini marathon on the Bank Holiday Monday.

Marie told listeners the teddy bear was given to her by a midwife after the stillborn death of her baby son four months ago.

The bear has been named 'Seany Bear' and has featured in pictures that mark various milestones and stages in one's life.

'Seany Bear' was placed in a black rucksack which was put into the boot of the taxi.

Marie and three friends got the cab in the rain shortly after she finished the mini marathon which she ran for charity.

The four people got out of the car in the Stillorgan Luas Park - but forgot about the bags as they ran to their cars to get cover from they heavy rain and strong winds.

After hearing Marie's appeal on 'Liveline', the driver immediately got in touch with the show and told them he tried to hand the bags into a garda station on Monday but the "queue was out the door". He was planning on handing the items in at the end of his shift yesterday.

Marie has since been reunited with the bear.

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