Monday 21 October 2019

Sean O'Rourke used a Maura Higgins catchphrase on RTE Radio 1 much to listeners' delight

RTE’s Sean O’Rourke
RTE’s Sean O’Rourke
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

He's a heavyweight broadcaster best known for taking politicians to task, but Sean O'Rourke can tackle any subject and does not shy away from popular culture.

His RTE Radio 1 show is a behemoth of broadcasting brilliance, drawing one of the biggest daily audiences to the airwaves in Ireland (in the most recent JNLRs in May he was drawing 322,000 listeners, up 2,000 since February and increasing 27,000 since last year).

Part of the appeal is his ability to deep dive on any subject, and throw himself into the weird and wonderful with gusto.

Take Love Island.  Everyone is talking about the hit ITV show (broadcasting on Virgin Media Two in Ireland) which thrusts a gaggle of beautiful young men and women together on a Majorcan island to, ostensibly, find love.

On Sean's Thursday show, he once again thrust himself into his subject, asking his guests, "You'd better tell us a bit more about Longford, who arrived on the scene, describing one of the man as giving her 'fanny flutters'."

So, Sean O'Rourke said 'fanny flutters' on RTE Radio 1 and, of course, people were delighted.

Let's hope that when Maura Higgins (the Longford lady to which he referred) does make her exit from the show, her first interview is conducted by the man himself, if only so we can hear him utter her hilarious catchphrase once again.

Here's the magic moment:

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