Wednesday 17 July 2019

Ryan Tubridy left starstruck after receiving personalised letter from Julia Roberts

Ryan Tubridy with his signed photo of Julia Roberts.
Ryan Tubridy with his signed photo of Julia Roberts.

Sean O'Grady

Ryan Tubridy was left starstruck on his radio show this morning after receiving a letter from Hollywood actress Julia Roberts.

The RTE star is a big fan of the Pretty Woman actress and was surprised to find an envelope with a California stamp waiting for him at his desk when he arrived in work.

The writer, claiming to be Julia herself, said she heard Ryan was a fan of her work and enclosed a headshot of herself.

"What an odd present to get on my desk this morning. An envelop with a California stamp on it. I think it was Mike McCormack, assistant to the enclosed person. Inside, and I don't know if this is a stunt, was a letter saying: 'Hi Ryan, it's Julia Roberts here. I believe you're a fan of my work. My assistant is an Irish person and said maybe you would like the enclosed photograph'. It's gorgeous," Ryan said.

The photo is signed: "To Ryan, Love Julia."

The Late Late Show host was chuffed with the gesture but was also unsure if it was the A-list actress herself who had sent it.

"I don't know whether someone is taking the mick out of me or whether there is an Irish guy who works with Julia Roberts who got her to sign this to me, but either way, the mystery continues," he said.

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