Monday 9 December 2019

Ryan Tubridy - I'll take team out for pints to celebrate 7,000 rise in listenership

Ryan Tubridy
Ryan Tubridy
Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

Ryan Tubridy headed out for “cocktails and pints” in town last night to celebrate his JNLR figures.

The RTE Radio 1 presenter was over the moon after claiming 7,000 more listeners. His one-hour slot from 9-10am now has 314,000 people tuning in.

“We’re up 7,000 so that’s a great result,” he told the Herald.

“I am very, very happy because I had a good feeling. I’ll go out for a pint tonight because normally those figures come out on a Thursday and I don’t go out on Thursdays because I’ve got work on the Friday.

“But tonight, I’m going to bring the guys [his team] out and we’re going to have a cocktail and some pints because I want to say thank you to them.

“They have put a lot of work in and I just think we’ve got a very warm welcome from the Radio 1 listeners.”

He said the release of the figures always represented an anxious time for him, with the late Gerry Ryan giving him some invaluable advice.

“When I was at school, we’d get a report card every week and you’d get marks beside each subject and I used to have a little knot in my stomach going into some of the classes. I was nervous as I was always pretty average and the JNLR’s can do that to you too,” he said.

“But as Gerry Ryan said to me once, ‘they’re numbers Tubs, they’re just numbers’. There’s truth in that, in just relaxing.

“But they are important in that they are our report card in some regards.”

His RTE Radio 1 show launched last September after he moved over from 2fm, and he said he feels the station is his natural home.

“We’re only six months into this and we’ve hit the ground running,” he said.

He said he feels “more relaxed as a broadcaster” than he has ever been – and no longer cares about the critics.

“I think it’s age. I just don’t sweat the small stuff as much.

“I still worry, but not as much and I’m not as self aware. I don’t give myself as great a welcome as I used to give,” he said.

“They [the critics] have moved on to other people. I’m delighted. I don’t think I’m a person of interest in that sense anymore, which suits me down to the ground.

“I think that for better or worse, I’m old news so I’m happy to just mature into the job.”

It was good news overall for RTE Radio 1 as it clocked in strong figures for most of its flagship shows. Former Today FM presenter Ray D’Arcy has gained 16,000 more listeners when compared with last October’s survey.

He has brought in an extra 22,000 listeners to the slot from when he took it over a year ago, now hitting the 215,000 mark.

Morning Ireland is up 9,000 when compared with the last survey three months ago, while Joe Duffy’s Liveline is up 16,000 with 387,000 listeners,

Mary Wilson’s Drivetime is up 14,000 in the past three months and now has 240,000 listeners.

The news wasn’t quite so positive for 2fm. Early morning show Breakfast Republic, fronted by Jennifer Maguire, Bernard O’Shea and Keith Walsh, is now at 181,000.

Eurovision hopeful Nicky Byrne suffered a small drop of 6,000 and now has an audience of 157,000 for the show he co-presents with Jenny Greene.

However, Louise McSharry recorded a rise of 3,000 listeners and now has 19,000, having returned to work last April after receiving treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Over at Today FM, the biggest success was for Ian Dempsey’s Breakfast Show, which has pulled in an extra 6,000 listeners from the last figures.

Having just marked his one-year anniversary on air, Anton Savage’s show is down 8,000 from the last survey.

Matt Cooper also recorded a slight drop of 3,000 while the Dermot and Dave show at midday is down 2,000.

Ryan Tubridy - I'll take team out for pints to celebrate 7,000 rise in listenership

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