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Ryan Tubridy confesses all to schoolgirl (10): 'I love cake, jelly babies, radio over TV... and wet dogs smell weird'


RTE star Ryan Tubridy has admitted he enjoys jelly babies, not jelly beans, that radio is infinitely more relaxing than television, and that wet dogs, do indeed, smell weird.

The Late Late show host revealed his deepest darkest secrets to ten-year-old 2fm listener Alice, who wrote to the presenter wishing him a happy birthday, and to tell him ten interesting facts about herself.


Surprised and delighted with the little Cork schoolgirl’s letter, Ryan decided to dish the dirt on himself in his own 42 point tell-all letter.

Among the more revealing facts about himself, the RTE star finally admitted his true feelings about the Toy Show (he loves it), what he thinks of his RTE colleagues (they’re basically his family), and his much sought after opinion on tea (he likes it strong).

Elsewhere, Ryan told little Alice that he found surfing to be wildly overrated, nature greatly underappreciated, and trains just about the best thing ever.

Also, if pushed, he could, in fact, live in New York City and spend all day listening to Elvis and Frank Sinatra sing accompanied by a brass band.

Ryan also revealed he has a sweet tooth, writing "I love cake".

Unfortunately some of the RTE star’s interesting facts will remain secret as there are currently no cryptographers working at independent.ie, who can decipher his handwriting in this image.


However for those at home who enjoy breaking down the most cryptic ciphers, feel free to post the complete list of Ryan's 42 interesting facts.

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