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Rubberbandits went on Newstalk last night after 'taking a ball of legal yokes'





The Rubberbandits spoke to Tom Dunne on Newstalk last night while, they claimed, they were on 'legally-consumed' ecstasy tablets.

The popular Limerick duo tweeted that they wanted to appear on Joe Duffy having taken "a ball of legal yokes".

However, Tom Dunne on Newstalk "accepted the challenge" instead, and 'Blindboy' went on the programme to explain the situation.

Dunne asked what 'taking yips' meant, to which he was told "it's when you listen to the Prodigy with your mouth and the gardaí can say nothing".

"The other lad there is after taking a line of ketamine... now he's up in the attic looking for a ladder to get out of a keyhole".

Listen to the interview here.


The rappers, who claim they were banned from appearing on RTE after "turning up dressed like black and tans without telling anyone", gave the country a good laugh as Twitter responded to their interesting interview.

However, Blindboy made a salient point when he described the mess as a "legislative anomaly which not only exposes massive incompetence in our system but also calls into question the rationale of drug laws themselves".

Possession of ecstasy, magic mushrooms, so-called 'head shop' drugs and other new psychoactive drugs will be legal until later today following a decision by the Court of Appeal yesterday morning.

A Government regulation declaring illegal a psychoactive substance sold lawfully in 'Head Shops' until 2011 was found to be unconstitutional.

Twitter users had a field day with the news, with #NationalYokesDay trending around the country. Several users asked if the 'holiday' could be made an annual one .

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