Tuesday 15 October 2019

Ray D'Arcy admits to 'odd day' as he returns home to Radio 1

Ray Darcy pictured as he started his new afternoon show on Rte Radio 1 at the Rte Radio Centre in Donnybrook
Ray Darcy pictured as he started his new afternoon show on Rte Radio 1 at the Rte Radio Centre in Donnybrook

Elaine McCahill

Ray D'Arcy has admitted it was an "odd day" to be returning to RTE for his first show on Radio 1.

Ray left Today FM before Christmas and has been working on his show with his trusted production team - including wife Jenny and long-time producer Will Hanafin - since the start of the year.

Although he said it was strange to be back in Donnybrook, he added that broadcasting legend Larry Gogan made him feel at home.

"It was an odd day - I suppose when you're going back to the old school you feel a bit self-conscious," he said.

"I walked down from the house on January 5 and decided I wouldn't go in the main entrance because I didn't want to meet anybody.

"I decided I'd go round the back, cut past the Fair City extras room, cut across the bust of Gay Byrne and the plaque for the late Gerry Ryan and then I come to the radio centre and I still haven't met anybody.

"So I turn around, I'm going up the steps of the radio centre and the automatic doors open and I'm going, 'Oh no', and who walks out? Larry Gogan.

"Larry Gogan walks out. I could have kissed him, with his lovely warm face and his big smile. He says, 'Welcome, welcome, welcome', and I thought, 'Ah, it's not bad after all'."

Ray revealed that all of RTE's radio stars had welcomed him with open arms.

"I've met all the greats. Joe Duffy - he gave me a free RTE Guide. Ronan Collins offered me a tour of his studios. I was in the cafeteria the other day and Dave Fanning offered to buy me a coffee," he said.

Ray's first interview yesterday was with Gay Byrne who was reflecting on his viral interview with Stephen Fry.

The former Late Late Show host even gave Ray a few tips on which buttons to use to cut to the ad break.

He also spoke to Ross O'Carroll Kelly creator Paul Howard.

Ray then finished up with a poignant message.

"I really missed being on radio, I really love what I do and it's great to be back on air and on RTE Radio 1," he said.

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