Wednesday 22 May 2019

Radio: Bittersweet Rose as Will misses the celebrations

Radio presenter Will Leahy
Radio presenter Will Leahy
Darragh McManus

Darragh McManus

Poor old Will Leahy - his native Limerick win the hurling All-Ireland for the first time in 45 years and he can't take up the offer of DJing the homecoming because he's in Tralee, doing annual Rose of Tralee duties.

As he told The Ray D'Arcy Show (Radio 1, Mon-Fri 2.30pm): "I got offered the gig of a lifetime tonight in the Gaelic Grounds but (instead) I'm here, just beside The Dome, looking at a slightly dull, overcast Tralee!"

Still - at least the Treaty County won, finally. And Leahy loudly, and rightly, defended the Rose, a time-honoured telly institution, from the jibes of too-cool people who really should find better things to do with their time than complain about a harmless TV show.

"The Rose of Tralee," he said, "is like most things that are popular - it's not for everyone, but the people who love it really love it. When you see the viewing figures come in, you realise that people love to slag it off but they love to watch as well.

"The Rose, and Toy Show and things like that, are uniquely Irish. And it's a generational thing."

He then added what is, for me, the crucial point to remember about the Rose: "Families that have emigrated whose daughter is coming back to be part of the Rose of Tralee: you can't imagine how important it is to them and how emotional it is for them."

Today with Miriam O'Callaghan (Radio 1, Mon-Fri 10am) - Sean O'Rourke still being on summer hols - looked at sleep, or rather the lack of it, in the context of going back to school. And no, this wasn't about cranky, sleep-deprived, zombie-like parents, so much as the fact that sleep deprivation can have serious ill-effects on the nippers returning to the classroom.

Lucy Wolfe, a paediatric sleep consultant and author of The Baby Sleep Solution, had some tips and advice for Miriam - and all you parents in need of it - about getting children into a proper routine before the holidays end.

Moncrieff (Newstalk, Mon-Fri 2pm), meanwhile, discussed sleep of a different order. Nosed on a picture of Danny Healy Rae catching 40 winks at the All-Ireland final that went viral, reporter Henry McKean did a vox pop on the strangest places people have fallen asleep.

Trains, airports, sitting on the couch watching TV, the toilet, a hotel lounge, riding a horse (yes, actually in motion), at a Celtic match, at an American football match ("not tired, just drunk"), in the boot of a car, standing at a fuse-box (standing!), during a Buddhist meditation class, at break-time in school, sitting at the kitchen-table and on a Nitelink bus to Tallaght… though not at a Britney Spears concert (too loud, apparently).

My favourite story was the woman who sleepwalked out of bed, had a shower, got dressed, called her kids for breakfast, then went back to sleep… at 2.30 in the morning. What would Lucy Wolfe make of that?

Sean Spicer, since his first minutes as Donald Trump's press secretary, has been a figure of fun on a global scale.

He's been mocked, derided and lampooned so much that now many people, when his name is mentioned, don't picture the real Spicer at all, but Melissa McCarthy's wickedly funny impersonation of him on Saturday Night Live.

An appearance with Jonathan Healy on The Pat Kenny Show (Newstalk, Mon-Fri 9am) did precisely nothing to rectify that situation. About the best thing you could say for Spicer is that he seems more of a gormless eejit than anything, horribly out of his depth. Indeed, even promoting his own book, he still somehow comes across as out of his depth.

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