Sunday 26 January 2020

Presenter to tackle Ethiopian mountain run

Newstalk's Chris Donohue and Ethiopian Melat
Newstalk's Chris Donohue and Ethiopian Melat

Allison Bray

NEWSTALK presenter Chris Donoghue is spending practically every waking moment getting in shape to take on one of Africa's highest peaks to raise vital funds to prevent blindness.

The co-presenter of 'Newstalk Breakfast' will be among 40 Irish runners taking part in the Great Ethiopian Run in November.

They will join some 36,000 participants from around the world atop Entoto Mountain in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa on November 23 for a 10km run to raise funds for the Irish eyesight charity Orbis Ireland.

But at a daunting 2,300m above sea level, the run is not for the faint-hearted and requires runners to be able to endure running at high altitudes.

"With just over three months until the run I'm doing everything possible to get my fitness levels up so that I can endure the high altitude and finish with a decent time," he said.

This year marks the seventh year that Orbis has brought a team to Addis Ababa for the annual run which has raised more than €500,000. Proceeds from the run are used to save the sight of thousands of people in the country, many of whom are children suffering from trachoma, a completely preventable disease that can lead to blindness in a country where more than 1.2 million Ethiopians are blind with 2.7 million visually impaired.

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