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Presenter John Murray leaves morning show on RTE Radio 1


RTE's John Murray

RTE's John Murray

RTE's John Murray

John Murray is leaving his morning show on RTE Radio 1.

The veteran presenter has fronted The John Murray Show weekdays from 9-10am since 2010 when he took over the slot vacated by Ryan Tubridy as he moved to 2fm.

He had initially joined the state broadcaster in 1992 for three years and returned in 2003 to co-present Morning Ireland until he landed his own lifestyle and entertainment morning show in 2010.

He had also presented an hour-long business programme, The Business, on Saturdays.

The presenter said: "It has been a pleasure and a privilege to present the show for the last five years. I want to thank everyone who worked on the programme in that period but most of all I want to thank the listeners for their support and making it all worthwhile.

"One of the highlight for me was the walks we did which brought us to communities all over Ireland. I am looking forward to returning in the autumn to a new role with the station."

More recently, JNLR figures in January 2014 revealed listenership for The John Murray Show had dropped by 1000 and that had increased to 8000 for the same period this year.

In 2013, the 50-year-old broadcaster took a six month break from the show due to depression.  He returned in November that year and was open about his battle with the illness.

He later revealed he had felt the stigma of mental illness after his return to work.

"Yes I felt it - not on a great scale," he said. "When I went back to work, you'd notice that a few people wouldn't necessarily be running up to you.

"And I understand it because it's one of these illnesses that people who don't have it don't appreciate what it is and they don't know how to deal with it.

"I can't say enough good about my colleagues. When I went back to work they were fantastic," he said.

It is not yet know who will fill the slot.

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