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Pat Kenny's story about Larry Gogan's reaction to him taking over slot early in career says everything

Larry Gogan
Larry Gogan
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Pat Kenny's story about how Larry Gogan reacted to a young Pat taking over his slot on 2FM is testament to his character.

Pat was among the broadcasters, artists, friends, listeners and family members paying tribute to the living legend on Liveline on RTE Radio 1 on the day Larry announced he is leaving 2FM after 40 years.

Larry spoke about the fact that he is on dialysis three times a week and says it is "very time consuming" but he added that he "feels fine" now and must of his new Golden Hour on RTE Gold will be hosted live.

"I don't think you get used to it.  It's just something you have to do," he said of dialysis.  "I feel great, there's no doubt about that."

2fm DJs DJs, including Larry Gogan, Marty Whelan (centre)
and Gerry Ryan (overcoat) pose with cars, in a shot taken for the RTE Guide in 1982
2fm DJs DJs, including Larry Gogan, Marty Whelan (centre) and Gerry Ryan (overcoat) pose with cars, in a shot taken for the RTE Guide in 1982

His move to digital comes after 40 years on RTE's flagship youth station and, over the years, he has dispensed advice to fellow broadcasters including Marty Whelan, Ronan Collins, and Pat Kenny.

Pat revealed that he was given a new late night show at 11pm on 2FM called Night Bus, which was to fill the slot filled by Larry at the time.

Pat Kenny at the RTE studios, 1990
Pat Kenny at the RTE studios, 1990

"Unfortunately for me to do Night Bus, Larry had to be axed," revealed Pat. 

"[Management] decided they wanted a youth programme, a mixture of music and news for young people, and I would host that and it was going to be called Night Bus. The headlines in the newspapers were all saying, 'Larry Gogan axed'.

"These days if someone is replacing somebody else I feel there's certainly a lot of resentment from the person going out towards the person incoming but that was not the case with Larry Gogan.

"Larry saw me and said, 'Well done. What are you going to be doing?' He was moving to lunchtime. Daytime radio was seen as a demotion in those days, but in fact it was a terrific promotion - there's a much bigger listenership at lunchtime. 

"He was absolutely generous to me as a young whipper snapper in the door, helping me as much as he could. I've never forgotten that."

Referencing Larry's journey around the 2FM schedule, the most recent of which saw him move from weekdays to weekends, he added, "We used to laugh when the JNLRs came out for 2FM and Larry would be at the very top of the list.

"His programme would be the most popular and then there would be some bad minded so and so decide, oh we'll move Larry, thinking the ratings would go down.  Inevitably they'd go up, way up, with Larry Gogan."

Pat, who left RTE in 2013 after almost 40 years, predicted that the audience will move with Larry from 2FM to his new slot on digital station RTE Gold.

Fellow RTE stars Ronan Collins and Marty Whelan also spoke about Larry's influence on them and the advice he gave them in the early days of their careers.  Dave Fanning joked that "he's no shrinking violet when it comes to gossip, like in any office, he knows how to stick the boot in!"

Larry's daughter Orla Gogan also spoke on air about the DJ being just as "genuine" and "gentlemanly" at home as he is on air.

Boyzone stars Keith Duffy and Ronan Keating, Paul Cleary of The Blades, and Johnny Logan also thanked Larry live on air for playing their early releases and boosting their careers.

Listener Janet Mulryan also shared a story about taking part in Larry's infamous Just a Minute Quiz.

"He starts questioning and my nerves get the better of me," she revealed. "He went through the questions and asked 'What C is to be found in swimming pools?'. Without a moment's hesitation I said, 'Chlamydia'. 

"He just looks at me for the briefest of moments and he said, 'No, chlorine.'  And he just moved on and didn't make anything of it. That's the essence of the man."

Larry will finish up at 2FM on January 31 before taking the Golden Hour to RTE Gold.

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