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Wednesday 17 July 2019

'My mother was my biggest fan' - Hector to return to the airwaves six months after mother's sudden death

Hector O hEochagain
Hector O hEochagain

Radio presenter Hector Ó hEochagáin has revealed he's planning a return to radio, six months after his mother's sudden death.

Hector told listeners of the Anton Savage Show that he was guest presenting the mid morning show (now The Anton Savage Show) on Today FM on the day his mother passed away.

“I got off air at 12 O’clock, and my brother couldn’t find the key to get into the house, and he rang me," he said.

"And I didn’t get a text off my mother, who was my biggest fan by the way, she was the Chairman and the President of the Navan Hector Fan Club and she was so proud of what I was doing.

“Because I didn’t get a text off her on the radio, I felt something was up. And low and behold, at half two that afternoon, we found my mum and she had passed away in her sleep."

Hector told Anton that he’ll miss everything about his mother, “I’ll miss the phone calls, I’ll miss the stubborn arguments, I’ll miss the giving out, I’ll miss her cooking, I’ll miss her driving her Renault Clio, I’ll miss the way she spoke to the kids, I’ll miss the phone calls of her giving out.”

Speaking about how her death affected him, he said, "The thing I found strange was the following week, when I was driving the car, and I didn’t really care what turn I took, I didn’t even know I went to collect the kids from school. I didn’t even remember the journey. 

"And someone had warned me of that, be careful when you’re driving, cause you’ll be a million miles away."

Despite the loss, Hector was upbeat about his plans for the future and hinted about another stint on the airwaves.

“Can I just say to the listeners out there, that they just have to stay close to the wireless," he said.

“The countdown has begun...and the journey will be made again, and all will be revealed very very soon."

Earlier this week Hector, who was axed from his radio show in 2013, said he was "in talks wit a number of stations" and that he'd be back on the airwaves "within two months".

He is also opening a new gym, The Body Works in Galway and is in talks to front a new TV show.

From the small screen to the circuits... Hector O hEochagain opens Body Works gym  

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