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Sunday 22 September 2019

'My Liveline is no crying game' - Joe Duffy denies show is too negative

Sounding board: Joe Duffy on Liveline.
Sounding board: Joe Duffy on Liveline.

Elaine McCahill

Joe Duffy has denied that Liveline is too negative, saying the show has always been about empowering people.

Labour Senator John Whelan branded Joe (inset)the "chief conductor of the crying brigade" and said there was too much negativity coming from RTE.

"It starts the minute we get up with Morning Ireland's non-stop negativity, continues through the afternoon with the chief conductor of the crying game, Joe Duffy, and is relentless across all the station's news bulletins," he said.

In reply, Joe told the Herald, "he obviously doesn't listen to Liveline, the idea of the show has always been to empower people. It gives a chance to people who don't have a voice".

He said initiatives like Fiver Friday encourage the public to shop locally and Joe added that the campaign had given a massive boost to small businesses around the country.

"It's about giving small businesses a chance to keep going," he said. "Liveline gives free advertising, the shops come up with a bargain and we encourage people to support their local shops."

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