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'Make sure your dreams are realistic' - Chris de Burgh dispenses career advice to Nadia Forde


Nadia Forde

Nadia Forde

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Nadia Forde poses with National Television Award for I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

Nadia Forde poses with National Television Award for I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

Nadia Forde

Chris de Burgh has offered rising star Nadia Forde invaluable career advice.

The 'Lady in Red' legend and the model turned singer both appeared on the Marty Morrissey Show on Radio 1 on Monday and talked about the music industry.

Asked by Morrissey if he had any advice for Nadia, de Burgh said, "I would start by saying make sure your horizons and dreams are realistic. 

"A lot of people think they can become world stars overnight.  Indeed I thought I would be 40 years ago, which is how long I have been in the business now, but to have realistic dreams, one step at a time, and to believe in yourself and when those dark days come around you and you feel you're going nowhere and going backwards, make sure you are surrouned by poeple who can support you and you can trust."

De Burgh also advised Nadia on how to deal with the haters online.

"If you love yourself there's plenty left for everyone else.  You just have to deflect natsy things.  I've had years of it. One of the problems is I had a huge hit with Lady in Red.  I ran into James Blunt recently and we had a good laugh because we're very similar in that respect.  We both had a very major hit.  People were completely ignoring the rock songs I had. If you don't like Lady in Red you don't like the artist at all, all 24 albums I've recorded. 

"But if you're strong in yourself, these people wouldn't say that to your face.  It's the cowards' way of insulting."

Nadia, who is friends with de Burgh's daughter Rosanna Davidson, welcomed the advice and the said she would tweet Rosie to tell her how nice her father is.

De Burgh also revealed that he had heard Andrew Hozier Byrne play on a visit to his house the summer before last and was blown away by the young artist's talent.

"He is the first person I heard in ten years where I really went, 'Wow!'.  He sang a couple of tunes at Rosie's wedding," he said. "I thought, it's like watching myself all those years ago."

The 25-year-old singer released her first single late last year just before she appeared on 'I'm a Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here' and is now planning to collaborate musically with I'm a Celeb campmate Tinchy Stryder.

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