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Tuesday 23 April 2019

Ivan Yates says no tension with Pat Kenny after he takes Newstalk's top spot

Ivan Yates
Ivan Yates
Kirsty Blake Knox

Kirsty Blake Knox

Ivan Yates has revealed there is no tension with fellow Newstalk broadcaster Pat Kenny after new figures revealed he is the station's most popular presenter.

The Hard Shoulder with Ivan Yates saw one of the biggest jumps for the station, gaining 8,000 new listeners, bringing its audience to 153,000.

Pat Kenny is right behind, with 152,000 tuning in every morning.

"I am somewhat bemused by it because I come on and insult the listeners and slag the guests. But I do have a very hard working team", Yates told Independent.ie.

"I’m still one book away from a full year so we can assess it better at that stage."

He said there was no tension with Pat Kenny - who he considers to be one of the best broadcasters Ireland has ever produced.

"The media have reported us vying for attention but that’s not the case. I remember when Pat joined Newstalk - I was presenting with Claire Byrne at the time and it was a complete game changer for the station in terms of credibility. It gave the station weight and credibility.

"I see Pat as one of Ireland’s top broadcasters only second to Gay Byrne.

"His programme covers different issues and leaves me to do 'up the yard' craic and banter.

"I very much regard him as the adult in the room whereas I am the braggard chancing my arm."

Chris Doyle from Newstalk said: “We are delighted with the results for Newstalk, which show great performances from all our weekday and weekend prime-time programmes.

"The Pat Kenny Show and Off The Ball have registered all-time high figures and our afternoon programmes with Ciara Kelly, Sean Moncrieff and Ivan Yates are showing very strong growth proving that the Newstalk schedule and content is connecting with the audience.”

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