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'It's strange to have the biggest TV show in the country, and not so biggest radio show' - Tubridy 'disappointed' with JNLR figures





RTE's Ryan Tubridy admitted he feels "disappointed" that his ratings for his 2fm show have dropped again.

However, he stands by his programme and said: "I also feel that we're probably doing some of the best stuff going out at nine o'clock."

He went on to say that he wouldn't be making any further changes to his 9-11am programme, which had 144,000 listeners in the latest JNLR survey.

"I don't think so. I think I've given everything I can to that show," Tubridy added.

The Late Late Show presenter also dismissed reports of him moving to RTE Radio 1 as "pure speculation".

"I'm very happy to stay where I am at 2fm. The story is, I'm not going anywhere, I'm staying there, that's my job," he said.

"So if someone comes along and says 'We're moving you.' Well that's Mount Olympus' so until they do that, I stay where I am.

"Am I happy? I'm very happy there. I get in there, I work with a cracking bunch of people, I think we do cracking radio and I stand over it."

He also denied that he found the continuing slide as "frustrating".

"No, it's not soul-destroying. If my soul was destroyed, I'd be out there with the crucifix. Of course I'd prefer if the figures were going the other way but I have to be really stoical and philosophical about this.

"That's my job. I'm there at 9 o'clock, I do my best and until some higher power decides it's over, there's nothing I can do.

"I'm not a natural griper and moaner, I don't want to be upset about it. I've got lots of nice things going on in the world and would hate to accentuate the negative."

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Tubs is due to return to the set of the Late Late Show for his sixth series of anchoring the flagship programme - and has promised viewers a different set in the New Year, which he'll be taking a personal interest in.

Tubridy recently filled in for Simon Mayo on BBC Radio 2 and said he finds it strange the gulf between his listeners over there and those here.

"I've just come back from the UK, talking to six million people every day and I'm looking at the figures here at 160,000 and going, 'That's quite a career mix of things'.

"The TV show is going very, very well so it's a strange thing to have the biggest TV show in the country and the not so biggest radio show."


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