Wednesday 17 July 2019

Is it RTE's 'Today with Sean' or 'Today with Miriam' with Philip Boucher Hayes at the helm?

Philip Boucher Hayes
Philip Boucher Hayes

Sean O'Grady

What do RTE radio bosses do when the cover for broadcaster Sean O'Rourke needs cover?

Philip Boucher Hayes is presenting the flagship current affairs programme for the week, filling in for O'Callaghan who is O'Rourke's replacement for the summer months.

O'Callaghan is covering for O'Rourke for a number of weeks, after the latter announced he was taking an extended period of leave earlier this summer.

And so O''Callaghan was given her own 'Today with Miriam' radio promo for her time on the programme, changing from the 'Today with Sean' promo.

But while Boucher Hayes has not been given the same - with producers using Miriam's promo while he fills in.

An RTE spokesperson explained the difference was down to the length of time O'Callaghan will be filling in on the programme, which will be until the autumn.

RTE presenters Sean O'Rourke and Miriam O'Callaghan
RTE presenters Sean O'Rourke and Miriam O'Callaghan

"Miriam is on for a couple of months. Philip is covering for her for one week. The sting would not be changed for five days," they said. That would be in keeping with previous fill-in broadcasters for Sean, when his promo was used.

Boucher Hayes poked fun at the show's rotating hosts during his broadcast on Monday.

"Confused? That's you and me both. Philip Boucher Hayes in for Miriam O'Callaghan in for Sean O'Rourke. It can be tricky keeping up with these things during the summer," he joked.

O'Rourke is expected to return to his post in the autumn.

He announced at the end of last month he would be taking a break from his radio programme as he takes extended annual leave to "recharge the batteries".

The popular broadcaster explained that he had asked his bosses for a longer break this year as, while he enjoys the work he does on the show, it was also "pretty relentless" and he wanted some time off.

He also gave his blessing to O'Callaghan, describing her as "brilliant".

O'Callaghan's role on the show comes after she announced her summer chat show, Saturday Night with Miriam, would not be returning this year as she has a lot of other work to focus on for the summer.

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