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Wednesday 18 September 2019

Irish carpenter who joined Ed Sheeran on US tour describes his 'dream come true'

Ed Sheeran with PJ Smith on stage. PIC: Martin Cox / YouTube
Ed Sheeran with PJ Smith on stage. PIC: Martin Cox / YouTube

Fionnuala Jones

An Irish carpenter who went viral following his performance with Ed Sheeran has spoken of the experience for the first time.

Sheeran brought stage designer PJ Smith on stage with him in Duluth, Minnesota, to play piano in an Irish jersey. Speaking on Today FM, Smith explained that the collaboration came out when the pair met on Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ tour.

“It’s a dream come true actually,” he said. “I met Ed about 5 years ago when I worked with Taylor Swift [...] We became very good friends.

“He (Ed Sheeran) suggested that maybe in the future we could work together when he was going to build his own stage and have his own vision. Lo and behold 5 years later they called me...”

PJ explained that he was supposed to be going on tour with Katy Perry and that while there was a bit of conflict of interest, he loved Sheeran and decided to take on his tour.

When asked how Ed discovered PJ’s musical talents, he explained how he was messing around on a piano, whilst working with James Blunt when Ed heard him play.

The Picture of Youn singer then asked PJ if he would accompany him on one of his tracks "How Would You Feel (Paean)", as it needed a strong piano section. Between shows, Sheeran took time out to appear on MTV’s reboot of ‘TRL’, alongside DJ Khaled and Migos.

He treated fans to a goosebump-inducing performance of acoustic Divide track "Perfect," while the crowd swayed, danced and waved below.

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