Monday 22 January 2018

Insider Life: Eoghan McDermott, new 2FM broadcaster

Eoghan McDermott freelance broadcaster/TV presenter at the RTE 2fm studios in Donnybrook. Photo: El Keegan
Eoghan McDermott freelance broadcaster/TV presenter at the RTE 2fm studios in Donnybrook. Photo: El Keegan

Eoghan McDermott is a TV and radio presenter, new to the 2FM line-up.

"This is the first year I've really been freelance as a presenter. I think it can be really easy to get lazy and unproductive if you freelance and you're left to your own devices – you can start falling into that whole 'getting up at 11am' thing. So these days, I try to get up pretty early and go for a swim most mornings. That's my real kickstarter. After, I'll use the steam room, then maybe have a piece of fruit for breakfast. I do a bit of yoga too, any chance I get. My background is dance and choreography, and I still do a bit of that occasionally. I've a great circle of friends from that era of my life, so I get involved. When I lived in Camden, I was 10 minutes from Pineapple Studios. I'm massively mindful of my physical wellbeing and I get pretty tetchy if I don't work out.

I've been travelling like a yoyo between Dublin and London for ages. When I did Season 1 of The Voice of Ireland, I was doing a drive-time show (on XFM) in London on weekdays, flying home to rehearse for The Voice on Saturdays, shoot the show Sundays, and fly back to London on Sunday night. I did that 9 weeks straight. In some ways it was pretty horrific, but in other ways it was really regimented so there was no room to dwell on it. Right now I'm like an international hobo. I've no place in either London or Dublin as the lease on my London place is now up. I travel like crazy, and I loathe with a passion people who don't have their shit together at airport security. By now, I'm brilliantly regimented; belt and shoes off, laptop out, the works.

My stuff is all in storage right now; I'm not sure where I will eventually set up shop, but I'm going to see how things play out. I'm working on one or two projects over in London, so if they come to fruition I'll most likely be working more there. There's always a sense with freelancing in this business that it's an unending slog, but I like it for now. If you were blindly knocking on doors it would be no fun but for me, right now, there's a bit of momentum to it. That said, I'm blatantly aware in TV and radio of how quickly people can fall in and out of favour. People have had really great broadcasting careers one minute and are gone the next. It doesn't necessarily worry me, but I'm acutely aware it's a possibility.

With the new 2FM show, I originally wanted to record it from London, mainly because there's an unending supply of great guests. When I worked at XFM, there were always big celebrity names coming into the sister stations; people who were doing the rounds. I thought it might be great to tap into that. It didn't work out that way, but as luck would have it, it means I get to come home more often. I use the family home a lot when I'm in Dublin – everyone in my family is off in various parts of the world. My parents ended up buying a house in Italy so they go there for the summer.

The whole 'London-Irish gang' media attention thing is completely irrelevant to me. My friends and I knocked a bit of fun out of it originally when someone put that tag on us. But my so-called 'showbiz' friends are pretty low-key and grounded. I massively admire Niall (Horan). He is where he is: a multi-millionaire, but also the most grounded person I know. He's very generous with his time, given what his world is like. Bressie is the same, while Laura (Whitmore) is the most glam of us but underneath she's a lovely person. Your pals are your pals, so I'm not sure I get the commotion. Most of the time in London, we hang out in the house with a cup of tea and a DVD, or go to the local pub. I have plenty of other friends who I see in London, too.

In my downtime, I still love music so much. I don't really watch TV; I've been keeping up with Game Of Thrones and Orange Is The New Black."

Eoghan McDermott recently joined the 2FM line-up, and will be presenting the breakfast show on Saturday and Sunday. See for more details.

First published in INSIDER Magazine, exclusive to Thursday's Irish Independent

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