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Sunday 17 November 2019

Ian Dempsey: Ray D’Arcy’s soul is still at Today FM

Independent.ie Newsdesk

Independent.ie Newsdesk

Ray D’Arcy’s former Today FM colleague Ian Dempsey has said the radio presenter is failing to generate the same buzz on his new Radio One show as he did during his 14 year at the rival station.

Dempsey who presents a morning show on the station believes that D’Arcy’s heart hasn’t followed him to his new job in the RTE’s hot seat.

“I’ve listened to him and there’s not much of a buzz as there used to be when he was on Today  FM,” said Dempsey speaking to The Sunday World.

“Maybe that will happen in time, but it’s almost like his soul is still in Marconi House. I think the time slot is going to prove more difficult that the one he was in at Today FM. He created his own little Ray D’Arcy landscape in the mornings,” he said.

The DJ revealed that he was “giddy” when D’Arcy announced his departure from the station. D'Arcy has been presenting his new show in the afternoons on Radio One for ten weeks.

“They say everybody can be replaced and it’s true. Anton Savage is doing a great job,” said Ian.

“To be honest, I got a little bit giddy about it when Ray announced he was going. It was a bit of a shocker but it was also an opportunity to shake things up and to change the station slightly. I think it has worked out fine,” he said.

Although Dempsey revealed that the pair didn’t socialise outside of work, he did admit that they are quite good friends.

“I would be the complete opposite to Ray. Ray lives very, very cleanly, monastically almost, whereas I enjoy a good night out and I’m probably not as healthy as I should be. But sometimes opposites attract and we always go on well with each other,” he said.

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