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Tuesday 25 June 2019

'I played a half hour of heavy metal and they nearly had a heart attack here' - Larry Gogan reveals 2FM rows

He also got in trouble for playing U2

Seamless operator: Gogan is moving from 2FM to RTÉ Gold. Photo: Mark Condren
Seamless operator: Gogan is moving from 2FM to RTÉ Gold. Photo: Mark Condren
Sorcha O'Connor

Sorcha O'Connor

Larry Gogan has revealed that he once got in trouble for playing U2 on 2FM.

The veteran broadcaster was approached by an assistant controller at the station, who thought his taste in music was "noisy" and was less than impressed by U2's New Year's Day when it was released in 1983.

Larry, who said the incident had been "ridiculous", defended his taste in music - the track was number one in the UK and even got airtime on Gay Byrne's show earlier that day.

The DJ said it wasn't long before U2's drummer was on the phone to ask what had happened.

"Larry Mullen rang me afterwards, saying 'I believe you got into a row for playing our record'," he said.

"Gay Byrne had played it on his show earlier that day, and it was number one in England.

"I was with 2FM, the pop station, and he was saying my music was too noisy. Can you imagine that?"

Larry went on to say the station also had something to say when he played heavy metal for his daughter.

"My youngest daughter Sinead complained about the terrible music I was playing and asked for some heavy metal, so I had a heavy half-hour one day and they nearly had a heart attack here," he said.

Speaking to the RTE Guide, Larry - who is moving to RTE's digital station RTE Gold at the end of this month - also spoke about his late wife, Florrie, who died in 2002 from breast cancer.

He said they had contrasting taste in music, with Florrie a big fan of Daniel O'Donnell. The country star visited her when she was in hospital.

"When Florrie was dying, she wanted to see him, but the medical staff said she was too ill," Larry said.

"One day, the door opens and in comes Daniel."

Larry has been undergoing dialysis three times a week due to kidney problems.

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