Wednesday 17 July 2019

'I like politics, I also like Love Island, I like sport' - Miriam O'Callaghan enjoying mix on O'Rourke's radio show

Broadcaster is filling in for Sean O'Rourke for the summer on RTE Radio 1

Miriam O'Callaghan with Marty Morrissey in Galway
Miriam O'Callaghan with Marty Morrissey in Galway

Sean O'Grady

Miriam O'Callaghan says she is too busy to even think of taking on her own daily radio show - for the time being.

The Prime Time host is filling in for Sean O'Rourke on his RTE Radio 1 morning programme, which has been renamed Today With Miriam for the summer months.

"I think at the moment I'm fine because I have Prime Time twice a week and my youngest boy is still 11 and I do Sunday shows, so at the moment this works perfectly but in a year or two you never know," the popular presenter said.

O'Rourke has taken a break for the summer, saying that although he enjoyed his job, it could also be "pretty relentless". He will return in the autumn.

O'Callaghan has enjoyed her time filling in on the show so far.

"It's a great programme and it's an A team, like they're an amazing team. There's so many items in two hours. I love it," she told the Herald.

"I loved it from the beginning but I'm only minding it for Sean. He's up sitting beside me and it's kind of who I am. I like lots of different things.

"I like politics, I also like Love Island, I like sport. I just like a lot of different things."

O'Callaghan says she is looking forward to the upcoming presidential election, describing it as "so exciting".

But she says conducting the presidential debates is quite stressful.

"Television is quite pressurised. The cameras create a pressure and when you've got a camera it obviously makes you more self-conscious," she said.

"But presidential debates are particularly stressful.

"Then they're particularly stressful for the candidates and really strange things happen."

Her RTE colleague Ryan Tubridy also had his say on the upcoming election yesterday, saying he will be watching it closely.

"I'm watching it with massive interest because it's an intriguing job," he said.

"I think Michael D Higgins is a very good candidate but I'm now in a position where I could be chairing a debate and he's a candidate.

"But what I can say is I will be watching it. I'm fascinated by it.

"I've chaired two debates now and certainly the last election was so - what happens to people on presidential elections? It's so vicious.

"People seem to go a little bit mad and the candidates seem to be put under scrutiny. But I can see why, it is such an interesting job.

"I'm kind of glad there is an election. I'll watch with interest to see what happens."


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