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'I don't live or die by these things' - Ryan Tubridy 'unfazed' about release of next week's listenership figures

Broadcaster Ryan Tubridy says he is “unfazed” about the release of next week’s JNLR figures.

In the last count, Tubridy increased listenership by 24,000. “I don’t live or die by these things,” he said.

“But we had a very good news day the last day, we are in a very positive frame of mind.  We don’t know if it’s going to be good or bad but we do feel that we’re making good radio. 

Ryan Tubridy invited members of the press into his 2FM studio yesterday. “We wanted to open the doors and hopefully I will be invited out to your office at some stage.”

Tubridy was quick to praise the strength of his production team. “They do a huge amount of work and are invaluable to me.” 

Following on from Pat Kenny’s exclusive interview on Newstalk with the Taoiseach, Tubridy extended  an open invitation to Enda Kenny to feature on ‘The Late Late Show’.

“I hope he will now finally do the Late Late, I think it’s his prerogative. He’s had a good 2015 so far, so he’s lots of good things he could come on and talk about.”

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