Monday 19 August 2019

'I can't believe I'm going to admit to this!' - Is this the funniest caller to an Irish radio station ever?

Dermot and Dave Credit: TodayFM / Twitter
Dermot and Dave Credit: TodayFM / Twitter
Dermot Whelan and Dave Moore
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Today FM may have received the funniest call ever made to an Irish radio station on Wednesday.

A lady called Carina, from Athy, came on air with Dermot & Dave to tell an anecdote and before she even began talking she was screaming with laughter.

Although she had already been identified as Carina she jokingly asked to be called 'Ann'.

'Ann' could barely tell her story through her laughter and Dermot and Dave were cracking up too.

Eventually she began, "Years and years ago I was going out on a date with a guy.  I was only about 14 or 15 and the hot smell of the time was the Body Shop duberry or white musk.  I decided to put on dewberry and you know when you're wearing something for a while and you can't really smell yourself anymore and you're like, 'Is this still on me?  Do I need more?' and I put on loads more and more and before I left I topped up!" she said.

She roared with laugher as she delivered the punchline, "I met my boyfriend and gave him a hug and he vomited."

Cue hysterial laughter from everyone.

Carina/Ann said she never wore dewberry again, "It's like when you have a strong alcoholic drink you don't touch it for life!"

A texter to the show said, "I don't care what her story is, give her a prize!  Is there a prize, give her a prize!"

Ann/Carina said she was "crying laughing" while Dermot told her she was "just the tonic the country needed."

For her storytelling efforts Carina/Ann bagged herself a pair of Dermot & Dave socks and an 'Ah Sure Look It Isn't That It' t-shirt.

Listen to the full interview here - we defy you not to crack up:

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