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Graham Norton enjoying his summer in West Cork as he records radio show in local station


Graham Norton (Matt Crossick/PA)

Graham Norton (Matt Crossick/PA)

Graham Norton (Matt Crossick/PA)

Graham Norton is enjoying his summer in West Cork as he is recording his Virgin Radio UK show at a local station.

The presenter said he “snuck in” to his native Cork and is able to continue recording his radio show in the C103 studios, as he did last summer.

He said he’s looking forward to recording in his hometown before taking some time off.

"I snuck in this year. I don't think they know I’m there this year. Last year they posted a picture. So, this year, I just snuck in,” he told Newstalk’s Moncrieff yesterday.

“I've done a few weeks in Bandon and now I'm off for a few weeks and when I get back, I'll be back in the news tower in London and doing it from there.”

The presenter, who also has a talk show on BBC, said it’s “a kind of gift from the pandemic” that he is able to work from home and in different countries.

“The other nice kind of thing about the whole pandemic is that idea of doing things remotely, which we've all embraced. So, I'm now in a nice position where, I do an audible book club— I can do that from home,” he said.

"For the last couple of years, I did the wine blending from home via Zoom with the guys in New Zealand. So, it makes things kind of far more achievable and far, you know, just easier.

"So that's kind of helped with in terms of what looks like a heavy workload, is now a lot of me sitting in my house talking into a computer.

“If I'm in New York or something, I'm able to get it up at half three in the morning and do my radio show, which I think four or five years ago, Virgin Radio would have gone: ‘no, you can't do it New York in the middle of the night, we need you in the studio, so it’s been a bit of a blessing.”

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The talk-show host joked that it seems like he’s a bit of a workaholic, but he’s doing “nothing the vast majority of the time.”

“It is weird because I read about myself, or I see a thing about myself and I think he seems like a workaholic, he seems to work all the time,” he said.

"Honestly, if you knew my life, I do nothing the vast majority of the time. I'm in West Cork right now. Just staring at a wall.”

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