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Monday 18 November 2019

Dingle health shop Ré Nua: ‘We can give Lucinda's new party green tea mojitos for the Dáil Bar’

Lucinda Creighton with Eddie Hobbs at the launch of Renua Ireland. Photo: Mark Condren
Lucinda Creighton with Eddie Hobbs at the launch of Renua Ireland. Photo: Mark Condren

Freya Drohan

A Kerry woman is wary that Lucinda Creighton has given her political party the same name as her business.

Eileen Flannery, the proprietor of Ré Nua Health Food Shop & Nutrition Clinic, told Joe Duffy that she is worried the new party may taint the businesses image.

“We’re not upset yet as its early days, but they might sully our lovely green holistic image in time..I’d be wary. Parties have disappointed me a lot. No party has shone in a long time,” the Dingle native jokingly told the radio host.

Eileen and her sister Michelle run the business together in the heart of the gaeltacht. The name was Michelle’s decision, wanting to show people it was a new era for Dingle and holistic health.

Image: Facebook.com
Image: Facebook.com

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When asked by Duffy whether they had trademarked the name, Eileen remarked, “No! We’re simple folk, we’re not into that big stuff.”

Like Lucinda, Flannery has the best intentions of the people in mind.

She stated that her shop stocks plenty of Rescue Remedy, which might come in handy to help the country.

Lucinda Creighton
Lucinda Creighton

For any mild irritations the politicians might suffer during public debates - she recommends a good dose of Slippery Elm.

“We could give the Dáil Bar some green tea mojitos, and kombucha cocktails..they’re really good for you, good for the brain. They might need a bit of a boost because a quick Google of the name ‘Renua’ and they would have seen information about us.”

“Maybe they want to align with us, maybe its good for their image,” she offered.

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A West Cork trio of singers who perform under the name RéNua also took to Twitter earlier today to say it looked like it was time to change the name of the band.

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