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D'Arcy: I didn't move back to RTÉ for money


Ray D'Arcy.

Ray D'Arcy.

Ray D'Arcy.

Radio star Ray D'Arcy insists he did not get a pay rise after jumping ship to RTÉ - and would be earning the same amount had he stayed at Today FM.

The 51-year-old defected from Today FM to RTÉ last year for a reported salary of €500,000.

The hefty price tag linked with his move to Montrose was condemned in the Dáil as "ludicrous".

It prompted a Fine Gael TD to call for a "cap" in salaries at the State broadcaster.

"To see people getting €500,000 to go on RTÉ is ludicrous," said Fine Gael TD Ray Butler.

Last January, chairperson designate of RTÉ Moya Doherty appeared before a Dáil Committee, where she said a sponsorship struck with Volkswagen for 'The Ray D'Arcy Show' on Radio One "will more than cover his salary".

Speaking today, the father-of-two insists he was never motivated by money when he made the shock decision to leave Today FM after 13 years.

"I negotiated a new contract at Today FM and that salary is exactly what I'm getting now at RTÉ for doing both radio and TV," he said. "I could have stayed where I was and made the same money just for doing the radio. Now I'm doing a six-day week."

RTÉ discloses the salaries of its stars every two years with its latest recruit's pay to be made public next year.

Before his departure from Today FM, he said he wouldn't have made the move without his wife Jenny, who is his producer on his topical afternoon radio show.

The Kildare native also revealed RTÉ had been trying to get him back on its payroll for a number of years.

"RTÉ had approached me before, but this time the stars were in alignment," he said.

"There were times in the past where certain people would have made it public that competitors were wooing them and trying to seduce them, but I wasn't into that.

"I knew that I had to make my decision and it didn't matter what was said or offered to me, I was going.

"It wasn't about bargaining for more money."

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