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Friday 22 March 2019

Chris Evans quits BBC's 'The Breakfast Show' after eight years at the helm

Chris Evans (Nick Ansell/PA)
Chris Evans (Nick Ansell/PA)

Chris Evans has quit BBC Radio 2's 'The Breakfast Show'.

The 52-year-old radio presenter has announced his decision to step away from the airwaves around the festive period after eight years at the helm.

Speaking live on air on Monday, he said: "I'm leaving Radio 2 and since I decided this, which has been a conversation I have been having with my nearest and dearest since last year, a few weeks ago I made my mind up for sure.

"During that conversation it was pointed out that I had been here for 13 years and that's a long time and I've been on the breakfast show for eight years which is also a long time. A brilliant time, a great time and I've loved every single minute of it. Some of us are mountain climbers and if you get to the top of your favourite mountain and you stay there, you're just an observer.

"And I've got to keep climbing so I'm going to go and go again and start up on a brand new adventure. And I've loved it here, every second and I don't want this to be it. I'm 52, it's brilliant, it's never been more current."

Chris has been at the station for 13 years and took over the morning segment - which regularly attracts nine million listeners - from Sir Terry Wogan in 2010.

It's not yet known who will replace him but he's wished his successor "the best."

He said: "As Sir Terry said before me, there's never a right time to leave something you love but there might be a wrong time if you hang on too long. I honestly think The Breakfast Show is currently as positive, useful, sunny and inclusive as it has ever been. In fine shape for its next custodian. Whoever that turns out to be, I wish them all the very best, they are in for an absolute blast."

Radio 2 teased that Chris had some "big news" to share at 8:10 this morning.

They shared on Twitter: "@achrisevans has some big news to share with you this morning! Make sure you're listening at 8:10 to find out more (sic)"

Tony Hall, Director-General of the BBC, said: "Chris has been an absolutely first-class presenter of the 'Breakfast Show'. He has brought both warmth and a genuine insight into what listeners want."

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