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Brenda Fricker: ‘I don’t know where my husband is buried and I don’t want to know’


Brenda Fricker

Brenda Fricker


Irish actress Brenda Fricker has revealed that she doesn’t know where her late husband is buried and has no desire to know where his final resting spot is.

Fricker revealed that she could not attend the funeral of her husband Barry Davies in 1990 because she was filming a series in Australia and her contract did not permit her to fly home.

“I was in Australia and I was doing a very tough series called the Brides of Christ. It was very well done,” she said on RTE One’s Sunday with Miriam.

“While there I got a phone call to say that he was dead. I went a bit mad and hysterical and started packing my bags.

“They wouldn’t let me home for the funeral as I was his ex-wife and the contract was binding. I don’t know where he is buried and I don’t want to know where he is,” she said.

The actress was asked if she desired to find out where Davies was buried.

“I haven’t got that far in the question.

“You have to move something aside even though your heart is broken into small pieces. Maybe I just can’t move away from that and it seems to be a place where it is working,” she said.

The actress revealed she struggled to cope with Davies’ alcoholism and eventually it caused them to divorce despite the fact that they were “madly in love”.

 “He was a always wonderful interesting lovely man. He became an alcoholic and I couldn’t live with it.

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“I thought, ‘I will divorce him and see if that frightens him’ but it didn’t. We kept seeing each other We were madly in love.

“One day he fell down the stairs and died. And that was the end of that.”

The actress revealed that it was Barry who convinced her to take on a role in My Left Foot. Her performance would go on to win her an Oscar.

“When the script came and I looked at the dates and I saw the dates clashed with Casualty,” she said.

“I immediately just threw it into a pile but my husband picked up. He said ‘You have to do this film. This is a career changing film.’

“That has always stuck with me.”

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