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Wednesday 24 July 2019

'2fm is not a station for old men' - Brendan O'Connor grills Ryan Tubridy on Radio 1 move and Late Late competition from Ray D'Arcy

Ryan Tubridy and Brendan O'Connor (inset)
Ryan Tubridy and Brendan O'Connor (inset)
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Brendan O'Connor gave Ryan Tubridy a good-natured grilling on his last day filling in on John Murray's former slot on Radio 1.

O'Connor has been hosting the 9am slot for the month of July before Dave Fanning takes the hot seat for August and Tubridy (42) takes over full-time in September.

The former Saturday Night Show presenter grilled Tubridy on his feelings about the return to Radio 1 after five years in Gerry Ryan's former slot at 2fm.

"To be honest with you Brendan it makes sense in head and my heart," said Tubridy.

" People say, ‘Sure it’s only the radio’, but it’s not, to me it’s life and blood stuff.  I love radio and I love working here. 

"I had five years here on this very show before and then I thought John Murray did a gorgeous job when he was here, whenever I could listen to him."

Tubridy went on to thank Murray for his support following the announcement Tubridy would fill his former slot.

"It’s a measure of the man that actually yesterday the first text I got was from John Murray saying congratulations and I thought that was pretty classy.  His wife Miriam sent a text too so I’d like to thank them for their generosity of spirit today."

O'Connor went on to say that Tubridy is simply too old for 2fm.

"I think there’s probably truth in that," said Tubridy.  "It’s not a station for old men.  It’s time to back, to feel young again!"

Tubridy attempted to thank his team at 2fm, but O'Connor joked, "I always think that sounds wanky to the people at home”.

O'Connor, whose Saturday Night Show was axed earlier this year, joked that Tubridy should give up Fridays - and The Late Late Show - to someone new.

"On Fridays, you’re up at 6 o’clock, you’re doing the Late Late till 12 or 1.  I think it’s too much on a Friday," he said.

Tubridy replied, “I’d say if you were offered it you’d do it."

“Would you not ask to do Monday to Thursday and have someone else come in and do Friday for you?" continued O'Connor.

"No," replied Tubridy, before stating that Gay Byrne and Pat Kenny did it before him, "I'm only doing one hour [of radio]. It’s not that tough.  It’s a long day but it’s a privilege.  The Friday is a long day but sure people do long days."

O'Connor also addressed the fact that RTE's new acquisition Ray D'Arcy will be fronting a new Saturday night show and asked Tubridy how he feels about the competition.

“Look, I was the Saturday night guy for five years and I loved it and then the Late Late Show came along a little earlier than expected, if I was to expect it at all," said Tubridy.

Ryan Tubridy 'It's with mixed emotions that I say goodbye to 2fm and hello again to Radio 1' 

"I would have thought there was more to offer on a Saturday night the way were doing it. But then the Late Late came along and here I am.

"So now we’ve got Ray coming in and I have great time for Ray.  I think it’s healthy to have a Saturday night show. I think that if it was me I’d be pushing them to to do a more entertainment-driven programme to differentiate it.

"The Late Late Show can be a bit of everything whereas i think that Saturday actually would be better to be just  entertainment in some  ways. 

"As you well know it's really hard to fill a show partiucalry on a Saturday and then everybody gives out to you for canteen bookings."

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