Tuesday 16 January 2018

Q&A: Laurence Pike, PVT

On name changes, Bill Murray and experimenting

The album Church With No Magic is out now. PVT play Working Man's Club in Dublin on Thursday, September 9
The album Church With No Magic is out now. PVT play Working Man's Club in Dublin on Thursday, September 9
Ed Power

Ed Power

You used to be Pivot, now you're called PVT. That must have been a short band meeting.

The idea behind the name change is that there should be some continuity to it. Obviously the idea was [also] to give a bit of a finger to the guys who were messing us about...

This would be the American group also called Pivot, who asked you to stop using the name.

Yeah. The thing was... time had run out. We had finished the record and were literally in the process of finishing the art work. The name needed to be stuck on it. The idea of postponing the record for a year to fight something legally where there was a pretty good chance we would not be able to contest it in the US... well, it wasn't very pragmatic.

Had you already printed up a bunch of T-shirts with 'Pivot' on the front?

No, fortunately we'd left all that until the last minute.

So how are we supposed to pronounce your 'new' name: PVT, pvvvvt or simply Pivot?

Um... well.... I think legally we are PVT. I guess if someone is inclined to pronounce it phonetically, that's their prerogative.

You're signed to underground dance label Warp. And yet your music has choruses and guitar solos and so forth. What gives?

We want to write songs. We are first and foremost not an experimental band. For some reason, the word experimental has been coming up a lot on this record. When people hear 'experimental', I think they expect to see a bunch of guys hiding in the dark making music that sounds like air-conditioning. That's not what we are about. In the very first instance, we want to connect emotionally with audiences.

So tell us the story about you bumping into Bill Murray at South By Southwest.

He was standing next to me at a show. I'm a huge Billy Murray fan and have been since I was a kid. Ghostbusters was my first favourite movie. It came out when I was like five. Apparently he was doing all sorts of crazy shit at South By Southwest, like randomly getting behind a bar and serving drinks or going on stage between band and doing impromptu comedy sessions.

Did he creep behind you, put his hands over your eyes and say 'guess who?' Which he is infamous for doing, apparently.

No... maybe I should have done that to him!

You'll be the first band to play the Working Man's Club in Dublin. Any thoughts?

When we were offered the gig, we were told it was the first at that venue. That's fantastic. We've been over to Ireland a couple of times. People are always exceptionally friendly. It's sort of the opposite of playing the UK really. There's a pretty big contrast in how you get treated. We're pretty excited.

The album Church With No Magic is out now. PVT play Working Man's Club in Dublin on Thursday, September 9

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