Wednesday 21 February 2018

Q&A: Eliza Doolittle

On lazy hacks, spice girls and genetics

So, it's Eliza Doolittle -- aka the new Lily Allen ...

I can understand why people would compare me and Lily. Of course, it's a bit lazy. I'm not that bothered by it. I've got the same accent as her. That's probably what it is. As I said, it's just lazy journalism.

Your grandmother is stage-school maven Sylvia Young, best known for working with several of the Spice Girls in their pre-fame days ...

I did meet Baby Spice when I was little, which was amazing. I was a huge fan, when I was like eight ...

Being related to Sylvia Young can't have done your career any harm either ...

My grandmother didn't even know I could sing until a couple of years ago -- not until I had my publishing deal. So she hasn't really helped me in that way. She really helped me as a grandmother more than anything.

Did you attend her stage school?

I went there on Saturdays. During the week, I went to a normal school. I never saw her as Sylvia Young, she was always my grandmother. On the last week of term, all the parents would come in to watch us. She'd be there too and I'd be like: "Go away, go away -- I don't want you to hear."

Your first hit was Skinny Genes. Do you have strong opinions on tight denim?

It wasn't primarily about that. It was about one particular guy. I didn't like his personality really. I didn't like his genetics -- his genes.

Ooh ... see what you did there ...

Yeah, but then I mixed upped jeans with genes. There's a line "take off your skinny jeans", cos there was one thing I liked about him.

Ok-ay. Moving speedily along, you were recently snapped by a UK tabloid out in super-skinny shorts. Are you prepared for the intrusions on your personal life that fame brings?

I don't really mind. Obviously music is my priority. But I love that side of things as well. I'm very interested in fashion. I think I'm prepared for it all. We'll see how it goes.

You recently toured with Jamie Cullum. Bit of a fan are we?

I hadn't heard much of his music before, but, as soon as I heard I was supporting him, I checked him out. He's really cool, I wasn't nervous at all. Supporting him was a big change cos I'm used to playing clubs and bars. And he was performing in theatres. However, I found his audience very supportive. It's quite nice to have people sit in silence, so that you can do what you want with them.

Doolittle isn't your real surname, of course. Can we take it you're a fan of My Fair Lady?

Oh yeah, I loved watching it as a kid. I was in a couple of musicals when I was younger. But I never did My Fair Lady.

Ed Power

Eliza Doolittle's self-titled debut album is out now

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