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Q&A: Last shadow puppets' miles kane

On overnight fame, pal Alex Turner and Noel Gallagher

So you're about to launch a solo career -- thrilling or terrifying?

At first it was daunting. You've gone from having your partner and your best mate next to you. With [The Last Shadow] Puppets I had Al [Alex Turner] there. With The Rascals, I had my bandmates. So it's difficult. But you go through that period and then you get up and do your thing.

Reading the roll-call of guests on your record felt like leafing through the Christmas issue of Q magazine. There's Noel Gallagher, Super Furry Animal Gruff Rhys, the singer from The Courteneers. You must have one hell of a Rolodex.

Noel sings on one song, he's only doing harmonies. It's great. We met a couple of times, he asked me to play guitar on his solo record. I played on one track, so he repeated the favour. I'm very honoured.

How about Gruff?

We met at the Mercurys. I've always been a fan. It was one of those organic things. He came to Liverpool and then I went down to London, where he had a house. We hung out, did a bit of writing, listened to tunes.

You must be chuffed that all these big stars are fans of yours.

I don't know what to make of it 'cos I'm just starting out. I'm very honoured all those people would think a lot of me. They are my heroes and here I am at the beginning of my career -- it couldn't be better for me.

Becoming internationally successful with The Last Shadow Puppets must have taken a bit of getting used to?

It was insane. At the time, you don't really think of it that way. You were in this sort of whirlwind. It's when it all stops that it hits you: what the eff do you do now? I've come through that. It's helped with the writing and recording of the album.

You also received a lot of attention from the tabloids, who linked you with model Agyness Deyn. Did you enjoy fame?

What people don't seem to realise is that I grafted my arse off. I've been in bands since I was 18. I've toured loads. I've been in the van and shit. Yeah, doing the Puppets elevated it to another level. It felt great and you sort of rolled with it. We made a great album and it felt fantastic to experience that fame and that success. I'd like to achieve something like that on this record.

Your last band, The Rascals, fell apart after a communications break-down with the record label. Are you all bitter and cynical now?

It just didn't work out. I've been lucky that, for this album, I'm on Colombia. They took me on after hearing the demos. They dug it. I appreciate that. I've learned the hard way about all the politics and shit with the labels.

Growing up in Liverpool, it must have been inspiring to see your cousins have success with The Coral.

I went to their first gig when I was 15. To see them up there on stage -- people who are from where I'm from -- that spurred me on. It was a real eye opener.

Miles Kane's debut single Inhaler is released today

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