Friday 22 November 2019

Professor Green back in hospital after operation for three hernias

By Laura Harding

He has been suffering with health problems for a year.

Rapper Professor Green has been readmitted to hospital after having three hernias removed earlier this week.

The musician shared photographs on Instagram of himself in a hospital gown with a tube coming out of his nose, telling his fans he is having his stomach “drained”.

Earlier this week, he told fans he had a five-and-a-half hour operation to have three hernias removed.

He posted a selfie, saying: “The face you make when you’ve had three hernias fixed, a 14cm scar revised and you wake up to hiccups. F****** hiccups.”

The Lip Sync Battle host, 33, whose real name is Stephen Manderson, said he was doing a seven-day juice cleanse after he was released from hospital.

But he was soon back in a hospital gown, sharing a photograph of himself standing at the end of his bed hooked up to a drip.

He captioned it: “Living it up. Discharged only to be readmitted.”

He also shared a selfie showing a tube coming out of his nose, adding: “After ending up back in the hospital (due to bloating post surgery) I’ve now got one of these in my stomach draining it. The joys. When people say ‘health is wealth’ it really is, isn’t it.”

Pro’s health problems come less than a year after a previous hernia operation.

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