Friday 18 October 2019

Professor Brian Cox: We will be Martians one day

The professor explores the solar system in BBC Two’s The Planets.

Professor Brian Cox (Ian West/PA)
Professor Brian Cox (Ian West/PA)

By Julia Hunt, Press Association Entertainment Correspondent

Professor Brian Cox has said that at some point in the future people will be Martians.

The pop star-turned-physicist said Mars is the only planet that humans will be able to go to and that it must happen as people cannot remain on Earth forever.

“It is actually the only place we can go beyond Earth,” he said.

There will be Martians, if we are to have a future Professor Brian Cox

“In any plausible scenario, there is nowhere else that humans can go to begin their step outwards from the planet, other than Mars. If you think of the other planets, there’s none of the others we can land on.”

The presenter, 51, continued: “There may or not be Martians and we need to find out.

“But there will be Martians, if we are to have a future.

“At some point we will be the Martians. That’s clear to me. Because we can’t stay here forever.”

The Planets starts on BBC Two on May 28.

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