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Popcorn: It’s official — Farrell finally confirmed for Total Recall

There had been rumours for some time, but now it's confirmed: Colin Farrell will play the lead in the remake of Total Recall and filming will begin in May. Castleknock's finest beat Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy for the role, and he'll be directed by Len Wiseman (Die Hard 4, Underworld).

In case you can't (ahem) recall the Arnold Schwarzenegger version, it follows the adventures of a man who takes a psychic holiday and becomes convinced that he used to be a spy. Producer Neal Moritz recently claimed that the futuristic action film will be faithful to Philip K Dick's novel (We can Remember it for You Wholesale) and (phew!) won't be in 3D.

Robert Pattinson heads for Cosmopolis

In other dreamboat news, Robert Pattinson (Edward in Twilight -- like you need reminding, above) will be headlining David Cronenberg's film, Cosmopolis. Pattinson will be playing a young financial trader who, following a big loss, is pursued by shady money men. This should be a fabulous opportunity for the young star; he'll be working with a quality director who's given career-changing roles to Jeff Goldblum (The Fly), Jeremy Irons (Dead Ringers) and Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises). Whatever one thinks of the Twilight Saga, I'd say that Cronenberg is a director who knows what he's doing; either that or his loyalty is heavily in the pro-Edward camp.

Tina Fey gets schooled

The lovely and talented Tina Fey (30 Rock) is in negotiations to star in Admission for director Paul Weitz (About a Boy) and Universal Pictures. Based on Jean Haniff Korelitz's novel, the comedy/drama will focus on a driven admissions officer for an Ivy League college (Fey, right) and a talented 17-year-old who may not be Princeton material. Meanwhile, we wait with baited breath for TV3 to show season 5 of 30 Rock.

McKellen, Serkis and Wood return to Tolkien

Looks like the band is getting back together ... just in case more than nine hours of Lord of the Rings wasn't enough Tolkien for you, many original cast members will be returning for the prequel, The Hobbit. Ian McKellen (Gandalf), Andy Serkis (who was fabulous as Golumn) and Elijah Wood (Frodo) will all be appearing in Peter Jackson's film, which starts filming in New Zealand soon. As you may have heard, Martin Freeman (Tim from The Office) has nabbed the lead role as Bilbo Baggins.

True Grit is a true hit

The past few years have been bittersweet for western fans (including myself). We've had great films including The Proposition and The Assassination of Jesse James, but nobody's been going to see them. Hopefully the Coen Brothers' True Grit will buck the trend. The remake of a John Wayne classic starring Jeff Bridges has hit the number-one spot in the US and raked in more than $100m in that country alone. Will we get a western comeback? Anything is possible ...

Peter Yates RIP

And finally, in case you didn't hear, filmmaker Peter Yates passed away this week at the age of 82 following a long illness. The director was best-known for Bullitt and Breaking Away, but I was particularly fond of The Hot Rock, a witty heist movie from the 70s starring Robert Redford. Keep an eye out for it.

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