Thursday 12 December 2019

Popcorn: Best and worst of times Sandra

Joe Griffin

An Oscar for Best Actress wasn't the only accolade Sandra Bullock picked up this week; she's the first person in history to win an Oscar and a Golden Raspberry in the same year. In an admirable display of self-awareness, Bullock turned up to collect her Worst Actress gong for All about Steve and distributed DVDs of the film to the crowd. "I thought no one went to see this film, but I know that there are more than 700 members here," she said.

Police Academy Reboot: The Final Insult

In the unlikely event that your Police Academy (above right) needs were not met by seven films, two TV series and numerous commercials featuring the cast, the police farce is getting a re-boot. New Line cinema is developing a new Police Academy film for their parent company, Warner Brothers. Original producer Paul Maslansky will return, but no director or cast has been signed yet.

The Commitments meets The Sopranos?

David Chase, the mastermind behind The Sopranos, is finally ready to make his directorial debut. The writer/producer/ director is working on a musical coming-of-age film about young men forming a rock band in the 60s. Even more tantalisingly, Chase is also working on an epic TV series called Ribbon of Dreams about the early days of Hollywood.

Dudes of Arabia

Is that a trend on the horizon? In May, we'll be seeing the distinctly non-Persian Jake Gyllenhaal (right) in Disney's adventure Prince of Persia, and it has just been announced that director Chuck Russell (The Mask) is making Arabian Nights.

Starring blue-eyed Liam Helmsworth, the film will follow will follow a young sea commander who teams up with Sinbad, Ali Baba and the genie of the lamp to rescue queen Scheherazade. It will be shot this summer in 3D (surprise, surprise) with a view to a 2011 release date. And speaking of 3D ...

3D Old Testament has been foretold

And lo, Paramount has announced that they plan to make In the Beginning, a Biblical epic, in 3D. Frankly, after the wild success of The Passion of the Christ a few years ago, I'm surprised something like this hasn't happened sooner. Even more bizarrely, this 3D adaptation of the book of Genesis will be written by John Fusco, screenwriter of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Hold onto your fig leaves!

Paramount goes for Broke

Since the untimely death of John Hughes last August, his family has found a wealth of unproduced material by the reclusive writer/director. Now one of those scripts, Grisbys go Broke, has been picked up by Paramount.

Produced by Joe Roth (Alice in Wonderland), the film will be a comedy about a wealthy Chicago family who lose everything and are forced to move out to the sticks. This could go either way: Hughes wrote and directed a number of beloved films, but his last two projects were Drillbit Taylor and Maid in Manhattan.

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