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Xbox One X pre-order coming soon? 24.07.17


The wait is ALMOST over for Xbox fans to pre-order Microsoft’s latest console, Xbox One X. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer took to Twitter to respond to a this users  question “ @XboxP3 anyone word on when the Xbox one x pre-orders will be released? I want to make sure I get one. I can't wait”.


Spencer responded teasing we “won’t be too much longer”



What we do know

Xbox One X is launching on November 7 worldwide with a price tag of $499. The spec of the machine is high enough to output amazing graphics on 4k televisions which will give gamers a more realistic experience when playing their favourite games. The console features a 2.3GHz  8-core custom AMD CPU which will generate crisper more detailed gaming environments.


On the backward compatibility front, Phil Spencer previously announced that the console will support older generation games as far back as the original Xbox. In an age where we are witnessing a decrease in the wait times on new consoles, it’s great to see Microsoft giving loyal gamers the opportunity to re-play their older games.


Spencer has also promised fans the “most diverse” selection of games ever produced by the company in a bid to excite fans and churn the rumour mill. One of the more anticipated titles is Assassin’s Creed Origins, the next instalment in the franchise which is based on an Egyptian theme.