Players Xpo

Eimear Noone

PlayersXpo 2017: Eimear Noone and iDIG Music Festival announced to celebrate retro video game music live 15.09.17

Fans of video games music will have a chance to experience the most memorable scores in retro history at PlayersXpo 2017.

The Sunday evening session of PX2017 will host the Irish premier of ‘Retro Games Live’, a selection of 80’s and 90’s hits chosen from the biggest games.

Eimear Noone is the undisputed ‘Queen of Video Games Music’ having worked on Overwatch, World of Warcraft and other renowned scores as well as launching the iDIG or Dublin International Game Music festival in 2015 which brought orchestral games classics to audiences around the world.

Eimear will be accompanied by her husband Craig Stuart Garfinkle, an Emmy-nominated music producer and composer. American Garfinkle has huge experience in the ‘vidya’ music scene having notably worked on the Baldur’s Gate, the Dark Alliance II soundtrack and composing the menu theme for Fallout: A Brotherhood of Steel.

Mick Finucane, Creative Director of PlayersXpo is suitably delighted. “It is truly an amazing feat for PX2017, in its first year, to attract creators and performers of the caliber of Eimear and Craig.”

He continued, “They are hugely successful on the world stage, connected to some of the biggest game and film franchises and their work has been heard and enjoyed by millions of fans all over the globe.”

PlayersXpo 2017 also hosts the launch of Eimear and Craig’s Songs of Zelda: The Celtic Link album on Saturday during Xpo’s closing session. The launch sees DIT’s Traditional Irish Music Ensemble and the pair perform the record live. ‘The Spoony Bards’, a Belfast-based cosplay troupe will lend their skills to the proceedings with a live show to go along with the music.

Speaking on bringing the classics back to her home, Noone said “Ireland always punches above its weight in terms of creativity and musicality. We are a tiny country with huge ability and big dreams.  To be home, to be able to perform, to be able to share the stage with first class, professional musicians both international and Irish is momentous. I am so proud to be involved with this showcase of talents.”

PlayersXpo runs at Dublin’s Convention Centre 28th-29th October with tickets from €25 on sale now.