Players Xpo

Players Xpo 2017 - What's on? 11.09.17

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Global gaming and entertainment superstars Slogoman, Jelly and iamSanna are set to make their very first Irish appearance as they take to the live stage at this year’s PlayersXpo! With a limited number of exclusive meet and greet sessions also available across the weekend, this blockbuster cast of AAA talent will be joined by the very best of homegrown Irish streamers as they take over Ireland’s Ultimate Gaming Event!

Live Experiences

Presenting a show-stopping line-up of live entertainment, the PX2017 main stage will also play host to the greatest video game show on Earth – as the iDig Music Festival joins the bill.

On Saturday night iDIG will be accompanied by the DIT Traditional Irish Music Ensemble for the exclusive world launch of their highly anticipated album, ‘The Celtic Link’.

Closing Ireland’s Ultimate Gaming Event with a Sunday night takeover, iDIG will take to the PX2017 stage for the Irish premier of RetroGames Live, an epic orchestral performance featuring some of the most memorable tunes from games of the 80’s and 90’s. This stand-alone headliner will end a weekend of high octane entertainment that is sure to knock your socks off!

Right across the weekend, the PX2017 live space will  house a series of expert talks and panel discussions on everything from Sega to safety, with exclusive demos and interactive Q&A sessions with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Get in the Zone

With every conceivable vintage on show from Duck-hunt to Street Fighter, Super Nintendo to Sega Megadrive, this space will be a true celebration of the old classics! For every player nostalgic for the day their old favourites were launched, there is another generation yet to discover them, with this zone a must for wonderful family fun.

Play your old favourites: ATARI (2600, 7800, XE computer and Jaguar), NINTENDO (Famicom (Japanese NES), Super Nintendo, N64, Gamecube and Wii), SEGA (Master System, Megadrive, Saturn and Dreamcast), SONY (Playstation and Playstation 2), 3DO, MICROSOFT (Xbox and Xbox 360).

Take a trip down memory lane with our display showcasing the history of handheld gaming: NINTENDO (Game & Watch, Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Advance Micro, DS, DSlite, DSi, DSiXL, 3DS, 2DS and New 3DS), SONY (PSP and PS Vita), NEO GEO (NeoGeo Pocket), SEGA (Sega Nomad and Sega Gamegear), ATARI (Atari Lynx), NEC (PC ENGINE) and NEC Turbo Express

Play your favourite games

Designed by gamers, PlayersXpo is bursting with wall to wall blockbuster entertainment, giving you the chance to get hands on with some of this year’s most anticipated titles! Bag some cool swag as you enjoy exclusive first looks and franchises favourites on every conceivable platform including:

• League of Legends, Minecraft, Rocket League, Overwatch and Call of Duty PCs Monitors and Peripherals

• Minecraft and Fifa Consoles, Monitors and Peripherals

• Lego Monitors and Peripherals

• Mario Kart on Nintendo Switch

Plan and play your very own zonal marking strategy, with an array of esports tournaments and cosplay competitions filling the four floors, while a con classic Artist Alley will dress the walls with some awesome unique and original works – the perfect Christmas gift for any gamer!