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LEGO Worlds blasts into space in new DLC Pack 25.07.17


The first downloadable themed content for LEGO® Worlds, is now available on the PSN network for €3.99. This brand new content will take players on an intergalactic adventure far into space where no brick has gone before.


The DLC pack will include a number of new quests and characters, some who fans of the LEGO series will find familiar from the classic Space playsets. Whether you want to explore deep into space or undertake exciting new adventures together on board the PUG-Z, LEGO® Worlds Classic Space pack is an exciting new addition to the LEGO gaming franchise.


Check out the trailer below:


LEGO® Worlds is currently available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Nintendo Switch owners can look forward to getting their hands on LEGO Worlds in Autumn 2017.