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Influencers 19.06.17

As Ireland's Ultimate Gaming Experience we are bringing you the greatest International YouTube stars and influencers along with the best up and coming Irish creators.

We are delighted to be announcing the first Irish creators to our lineup. More speakers will be announced. Sign up to our newsletter to get all the updates.


Jelly Profile Pic.png  

One of Holland's most notable YouTube exports, Marbella-based Jelly is up there with the most energetic, colourful and hilarious gamers on the platform.

He shot to prominence alongside his GTA-playing pals (including fellow attendee Slogoman) and has continued to rise through the ranks to become one of the most viewed multi genre gamers in the world.



Part time gamer and full-time dog lover, Sanna, is also known as Jelly's other half and one of the biggest female gamers on YouTube.

Mixing up her mobile and console gaming content with vlogs, Q and As, challenges, pranks and more, Sanna's fun and quirky personality has been instrumental in standing out from the crowd and building the immense fan base she's developed over the years.



Josh Temple aka Slogoman is one of the UK's biggest breakout stars of the last couple of years, surpassing established names thanks to his unique brand of straight faced and typically British sense of humour.

Initially a GTA fanatic, Josh has steadily branched out to playing multiple games across both console and mobile, as well as starring in the occasional comedy skit - Usually alongside Jelly and Kwebbelkop!


Antitinkerbell is a Content Creator for, aka a Partner, from Dublin, but living in Amsterdam!

She started live streaming almost 3 years ago, on the well-known platform,, but decided to move from there to pursue her Partnership with which is owned by Microsoft.

T!NK got into gaming when she was 5, when her older brothers had to learn to share their Nintendo Entertainment System with their little sister! So, began a life long journey into the Gaming industry, which evolved into creating her own content live to gamers across the world.

Antitinkerbell is mainly a First Person Shooter (FPS), but enjoys a variety of different games, both young and old. She looks with fondness and affection to a time when saving your game didn't exist and powering through without dying was the biggest challenge you could face & conquer

She is extremely proud of having a presence on the Xbox Dashboard, which exposes her content to millions of Xboxers. Xbox recognised her achievements and potential, awarding her with the caption "Antitinkerbell  Remember Us When You Are Famous!”.

AllCast Irish Gamers

AllCast Irish Gamers are 3 Irish lads in their 30s who love gaming and film making, they are also an online gaming community of friendly and mature gamers.

As a small YouTube Channel, they have raised over 1500 euro for charities such as Temple Street children's hospital in Crumlin.

They also love gaming events, indie games and trying their hand at comedy videos. Known to their followers as "the poor mans YogsCast" these bunch of lads just want to have the craic, and their videos and streams prove just that! Read more

Retro Gamer Ireland, aka Naoise O'Hare

RetroGamer is a retro video game fan from Dublin.

Over the past several years he has been collecting and blogging about retro video games. It was the gift of a Super Nintendo a few years ago that got him hooked on retro gaming.

Since then he has been on a mission to play all of the video games of his childhood and discover some new old games that might have passed him by all those years ago.

He’s a big fan of all genres of gaming but with so much nostalgia attached it, retro gaming will always be his favourite. Read more

Paula O'Connor

Paula Pic.jpg
Paula O'Connor grew up in Finglas, Dublin and began teaching in St. Kevin's College, Ballygall in 1995.

She developed a workshop called 'Don't Be Mean Behind Your Screen' around 10yrs ago, which was part of her teaching plans for CSPE and SPHE to specifically address the Issue of Internet Safety and Cyberbullying among young kids.

This area was fast becoming a huge concern for her both as a teacher but more importantly, on a personal level, as the parent of 3 young girls. Read more