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AllCast Irish Gamers 19.06.17

AllCast Irish Gamers are 3 Irish lads in their 30s who love gaming and film making, They are also an online gaming community of friendly and mature gamers. As a small YouTube Channel, they have raised over €1500 for charities such as Temple Street children's hospital in Crumlin.

They also love gaming events, indie games and trying their hand at comedy videos. Known to their followers as "the poor mans YogsCast" these bunch of lads just want to have the craic, and their videos and streams prove just that!


With a background in indie development and film making, Petso leads this pack of misfits with an iron fist and great hair as the resident cameraman and editor.

Special Skills: Trolling (Level: Grand Master)


The one with THE beard, actor, former teacher, Roger can talk for decades and always has an opinion, making him great for interviews and vlogs!

Special Skills: Will correct bad grammar (even if it's not that bad).


The meme machine, the comedy writter, cosplayer, the movie/TV buff and our regular Twitch streamer! (He's also the weird one)

Special skills: Knows every life hack known to man.

New recruits

The latest additions to the AllCast include a very loud YouTuber 'Paynetrain'; a Twitch streamer and Tekken pro 'The StoryTeller' and an actor, comedian, and director 'Terry'. This completes the group AllCast Irish Gamers.