Saturday 24 March 2018

People are talking: Margot put the prince firmly in his place...

Prince Harry and Margot Robbie. Photo: Getty Images
Prince Harry and Margot Robbie. Photo: Getty Images
Donald Trump. Photo: Molly Riley/AFP/Getty Images
Donal Lynch

Donal Lynch

It was a week to simply bask in admiration of Margot Robbie . Not simply because she wore hotpants so small they had to be photoshopped for the trailer of Suicide Squad, but because she apparently has the self-confidence to play by the dating 'rules' with Prince Harry.

While the rest of us might deal with having Harry's number by texting undying love on an hourly basis, breathing meaningfully into the receiver when he picks up or even selling it to the highest bidder, Margot looks down at a text from the ginger Casanova and thinks 'meh... later'.

As a further example of putting the hottest royal in his place she also confessed she thought he was Ed Sheeran when they met  because he "wasn't even wearing a crown".     

It clearly takes a genius to manage this new level of beautiful girl insouciance. Harry has also continued to text, so not only is this proof that he should have to wear some class of tiara, but that playing hard-to-get works, even with royals.

We Simply Can't Go On Without 'The Donald'

Donal Lynch

Donald Trump. Photo: Molly Riley/AFP/Getty Images

Wanted: A daft narcissist to drive the twitter crowd nuts. Why? Because the last two guys quit while they were ahead. First Boris Johnson refused to become British Prime Minister. Then, this week, Donald Trump (above) signalled he doesn't want to become US President and would rather join Boris on Crazy Haircut Island.

There is no doubt that Donald is having second thoughts about spending four years in the White House. First, he got stuck into the Muslim parents of a US soldier who died in action. Worryingly, the polls suggested this didn't upset his followers. So Donald doubled up and kicked a crying baby out of a rally. This was a step too far for the Trump faithful, particularly when it emerged the baby was neither Muslim nor Mexican.

Donald could be gone by September. That's a shame because there's nothing on television. Unless you like watching Celebrity Big Brother, which is up there with eating your own toenails. At least with Donald, we could enjoy watching the twitterati going ballistic about him and his supporters. Or listening to the panel on Marian Finucane telling unemployed white people in Middle America how they should vote.

There was a kind of perverse pleasure to be had from that every Saturday morning. We'll miss Donald when he's gone.

Arresting personality

Eilis O'Hanlon

I made a mistake," says former Labour Senator James Heffernan. Surely he means three mistakes? That's how  many times he was arrested in the space of 36 hours  last weekend after attending a music festival in Cork.

Only one of the arrests has led to a charge - for drink driving, which he intends to contest in court - but he can hardly blame us all for being interested.

Oh, but he does.

"I'm a private citizen... I'm not a politician anymore," he moaned.

Doesn't he know that minor celebrity is like the Hotel California? You can check in, but you can never leave. As time passes, you just get downgraded to a series of increasingly cheaper rooms, until you find yourself sharing a hot tub on Celebrity Big Brother with some 'star' of The Only Way Is Essex.

James's fabulously lame excuse - "the whole concert was drunk" - does suggest that he's a big loss to Irish politics, though. Even if most of us hadn't the faintest idea who he was.

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