Thursday 22 February 2018

People are talking: In defence of Taylor Swift

Taylore Swift
Taylore Swift
Donal Lynch

Donal Lynch

It was a week in which a lot of people seemed to really fall out of love with Taylor Swift. All those loved-up shots with Tom Hiddleston just seemed too perfectly stage-managed for some. Almost like she knew she was going to be photographed on the fourth of July in a swimsuit and posed accordingly. 'Hiddleston needn't come crying when this ruins his chances of being the next James Bond', seemed to be the prevailing mood on Twitter, and how long before Taylor (pictured) writes a cutting break-up song about him?

To all of which we would say: people, chill. You'd swear with all the outrage Taylor was the only one of us who ever posed for a photo or attempted to ignite Instagram-envy in an ex (Calvin Harris must be struggling a bit to care, however).

Sure, she's trying a bit hard but she's just doing what half the world does except she has a team of stylists to keep her gorgeous, and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds (whose miserable, dead-eyed protest during the shot was priceless) to use as photo props and papparazzi instead of a mate holding her camera phone. And so what if she took Hiddleston to Nashville after about 10 minutes to meet her parents - they got her career started and relationships have become entwined with her career, so why not? As Ruby Rose said this week: it's twisted that we shame women for opening their hearts. Suspend your cynicism by remembering the old song: when a relationship hits your eye like a big pizza pie … from every magazine stand in the world … er… that's amore?

Smile it like Beckham, Brian

Pat Fitzpatrick

You might wonder did Beckham know they were there. Amy Huberman shared a photo of David Beckham at Wimbledon this week, with husband Brian and herself in the background. The caption under a beaming Brian says, 'Love is love'. The message is clear. Brian likes David Beckham. And hey look at us, we're in the Royal Box in Wimbledon.

Not just that, we're with real Royalty. This isn't one of those minor, long-faced Windsors, begging the question which one of them are you? No, this is Beckham, sporting his trademark, slightly weary and bemused smile that would look tired on anyone else but somehow just makes him look even hotter. (Don't try it at home.)

There is a lesson here for Brian. He needs a new look if he is going represent us at these things. We don't want him sporting a 'Just Glad to be Here, Paddy'. It will be difficult to get this look right.

If only he knew someone in the acting game who could help out.

Enda the line for Kenny as crisis separates the women from the boys

Eilis O'Hanlon

After losing the referendum on Britain’s EU membership, Prime Minister David Cameron at once stepped down as Tory leader, reportedly telling friends: “Why should I do all the hard sh**?”

Enda Kenny must surely be feeling the same way. The Taoiseach is in office, but not in power, and the underlings are starting to take the mickey at this stage — demanding the right to a free vote on abortion; criticising the Government’s appointments to the European Investment Bank and the water charges commission; mounting possible leadership challenges… Enda’s even being put in his place by Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster over his plans for an All-Ireland forum to look at the implications of Brexit.

“There’s women for you,” as Albert Reynolds once quipped.

Women do seem to be taking over everywhere. The new UK leader will be a woman; Scotland’s being run by a woman; Germany too, and the US soon.

Maybe Enda should just quit while he’s ahead and let Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald take over. The game’s up, boys.

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